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About AlterPower

In AlterPower AG, we provide Consultancy Services for Sustainability, Electrical mobility, Energy Optimization and Development of Renewal Energies.

In AlterPower AG, we provide professional services to our international customers caring about their business and profits.

We count with over 15 years of professional experience in the renewal field working in a Global environment, raising capital

and working for listed companies  to help them grow their business.      

Taking also companies to the New York Stock Exchange and raisngover 300 million USD of Capital.

Our fields of expertise includes:


Finally, due to our long Technical experience in production and very close professional connections with manufacturers, we count with the most competitive conditions from Tier 1 suppliers

Jointly with our local recognized partners we also put in place Audits Plans and Quality checking programs to warranty our customers that the products have been shipped at the best conditions. 



AlterPowerTM focuses on providing competitive, affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly products that use renewable energy, which benefit humanity and future generations, with the goal to improve our life and the environment.

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