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System Integration

We provider EPC system design and Solutions covering Engineering, Procurement and Construction by our external partners, carefully selected after passing our careful inspections, audit and selection. 

We also count with the most competitive and high level products coming from top tier one companies who count with the highest standards of quality, performance and bankability.

Our products include Solar PV Modules, Solar Inverters, Mounting Structures, besides all needed balance of system to complete the whole system. 

1.- Feasibility Studies of Projects  
2.- Design, Enginnering and Instalation of Projects.
3.- Legalization and Supervision of Instalation  
4.- Control, Monitoring and Commisioning of Plants
5.- Procurement of all Components from Tier 1 Suppliers. 
6.- After Sales Service  
7.- Trainnng Courses  



In AlterPower AG, we provide Consultancy Services for Sustainability, Electrical mobility, Energy Optimization and Development of Renewal Energies. In AlterPower A...

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