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AlterPower provides Consultancy Service, including:

- Geographical Market Analysis 
- Strategical Sales & BD Plans
- Investment Decisions and Solutions
- Capital Increase preparation
- Company Structure design 
- Coaching and Leading Sales Teams
- Marketing and Branding Plans
- Bankability Implementation 
- Capturing Contract opportunities 
- Contract Negotiation (Procurement)
- Contract Negotiation (Sales

Besides, AlterPower also works as an Investment Vehicle in CleanTech and focused on the Renewable Alternative Energies and Electric Mobility. 

Our goal, as it was during last 16 years, is to promote Clean Energies and Energy Efficiency and offering our team experience at our customer's service.

Our Teams are based in Switzerland, Shanghai and Spain

We facilitate both Equity and Debt from recognized investors always looking after interesting Solar and Wind projects ready to invest in projects in different stage of development:

 - Bridge Finance for a periode of 6-10 months for projects below 10 MW.
 - Equity for projects from 10 to 100 MW with PPA or potential PPA.
 - Debt and Project Finance with Local and International Bancs.

Finally, due to our long Technical experience in production and very close professional connexions with manufacturers, we count with the most competitive conditions from Tier 1 suppliers

Jointly with our local recognized partners we also put in place Audits Plans and Quality checking programs to provide warranty to our customers assuring that the product have been shipped at the best conditions. 

We do expect working jointly with you to help your company to achieve the best success of your decision and of your business, offering you our best valuable added service at the most competitive conditions. 



In AlterPower AG, we provide Consultancy Services for Sustainability, Electrical mobility, Energy Optimization and Development of Renewal Energies. In AlterPower A...

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